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The small CupCake pouf is born from the meeting of Marine Peyre with Méthodes Chénel.DropCake panels made from recycled paper seduce the designer with their eco - designed character, their ease of implementation and their aesthetics. The marriage of materials staggered between them and the choice to associate a padded element with a rigid structure gives birth to the CupCake seat.

Composed of a structure in cut-out DropCake® panels and a foam cushion covered in recycled fabric, the seat plays at first degree with its aesthetics with a formal nod to the famous little cakes. Playful and easy to assemble like child's play thanks to a process of interlocking and notches, no screws or glue are necessary to assemble its different parts.

100% recycled, 100% made in France, innovative, compact, light, joyful and graphic, Cupcake makes you want to be placed everywhere….

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