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©photos: sandrinenicolas

TOLUMI design by Katarzina Dzięcioł


The BFLEX seating system, which is based on a modular composition of elements, can adapt to news contraints with its new armrest separator. An accessory designed and thought out according to the same aesthetics as the BFLEX, allowing you to isolate yourself while keeping the design of the sitting. This module, consisting of a foam and fabric base and a removable transparent methacrylate panel, also adds the functionality of a connector system. Modular, it can be placed freely on the benches, adapting to situations and becoming a barrier accessory.

Tolumi is a real graphic and playful workstation. A seat in foam and fabric with a shelf, mounted on castors, it moves and transforms itself according to our desires, like a micro desk. Ideal for informal workspaces, reception halls, conference rooms or hotel lobbies.


For this project Marine Peyre opens its catalogue to the young creation and produces the Tolumi seat designed by the young Polish designer and interior architect Katarzina Dzięcioł


T.PI is a simple and light working cabin inspired by a "teepee". A graphic and nomadic object allowing to isolate oneself, to work, to phone, to wait. Composed of a 100% foam seat with backrest and a fabric interior mounted on metal tubes, the furniture is light and completely dismountable, like a tent. Declined in a double seat, TPI becomes an informal meeting and working space, easily movable. It can also be fitted with a connection box.


SOUND SOFT is a moving, graphic and playful acoustic partition. Made in a single volume of High Resilience foam, SOUND SOFT has a very good absorption quality. Elegant with textiles textures and colorful shades, wheels and handles, SOUND SOFT allows to freely create micro workspaces, meeting and lounge.