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B.FLEX is a modular solution combining simplicity and flexibility. This smart system offers comfort and customization. Simple elements that can work together to form seating sets.

Discover an easy and versatile way to create customized solutions for innovative work spaces, adapted to new digital ergonomics.

The B.FLEX range is completed by metal accessories such as bases and backrest structures, small tables and independent boxes.

For Indoor and Outdoor applications.




Let's ROCK ! Iconic ans stylish interlocking seating sets. Great structures for designing your seats using and creating multiple configurations.

Break the rules and play with the endless variations. Design multi-directions space, from the linear to the corner, face to face to back to back, connected features for co-working spaces and/or lounge areas.


NODA is an XXL tube that is tied on itself to create a seat. A playful and ultra-comfortable seat, NODA is a foam 'sculpture' perfect to lie down and relax! Original and ergonomic,  NODA suggests maximum appropriation by your body.

NODA is available in 3 collections: NODA HOME, forBSC concepts made with foam fabrics, NODA CONTRACT for B2B concepts , made with Rhythm Gabriel®fabric, and NODA COUTURE made with specials fabrics for bespoken projects.


BFLEX system is composed by various elements to offer new seating sets:

Backrest with several shapes, ottomans, angle, armrest... 

Modularity first.  Play with the extensive options available and create your own seating solution.





KEOPS is not only a great Pyramid, it's also a key player in our collection.

For Indoor and Outdoor applications.

With upholstering plain material or two-tones

Batyline Eden Serge Ferrari®, Keops ensures optimal comfort with its foam chips filling, featuring elegant and technical seam finishes.


Get a ride on this mobile feature that can slip everywhere with its casters, under a desk, around a meeting table, in a corner... It is the perfect furniture for dynamic and creative

open spaces. Playful and versatile, we offer you a very large color range and different qualitative fabrics.

UCHAIR is a small armchair simple and sensuel, designed around the graphic lines of a bent metal tube. The model shows the confrontation between flexible and rigid materials, to create in the same time a structured, confortable and convivial armchair.

Discover a stylish collection that plays with the contrasts, clean lines of the frame vs the puffed-up padded cushions that adapt perfectly to your shape.

For Indoor ans Outdoor applications according to the upholstery choice.

SOUND SOFT is a moving, graphic and playful acoustic partition. Made in a single volume of High Resilience

foam and covered with eco-designed fabrics from Gabriel®collection, SOUND SOFT has a very good absorption quality. Elegant with textiles textures and colorful shades, wheels and handles, SOUND SOFT allows to freely create micro workspaces, meeting and lounge.

T.PI  is a small and light work cabin inspired by a 'teepee'. A graphic and nomad furniture allowing to isolate oneself, to work, to telephone, to wait. Alson available in double seat, T.PI becomes an easily movable and informal working space. it can also integrate connecting system. 


Marine Peyre offers a 100% foam collection for kids. Original and fun furniture to help children to develop their imagination, and invites us to consider children's design in a contemporary and creative way.