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The GOURMANDISES collection was born of Marine Peyre's association with Procédés Chénel. DropCake panels made from recycled paper appealed to the designer for their eco-design, ease of installation and aesthetic appeal. The CUPCAKE seat is the result of a combination of materials that are out of sync with each other, and the decision to combine an upholstered element with a rigid structure. The ECLAI AU CHOCOLAT bench, the DONUTS seat, theRELIGIEUSE circular bench and the small BOUCHÉES AU CITRON ET SPÉCULOS pouf follow.

Composed of a structure of cut DropCake® panels and a foam cushion covered in recycled fabric, the seats play with their aesthetic in a formal nod to the famous cupcakes. Playful, they're also child's play to assemble, thanks to an interlocking and notching process.

100% recycled, 100% made in France, innovative, compact, light, cheerful and graphic, the GOURMANDISES collection is sure to please!

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