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A set of floor cushions and playful comfort cushions, eco friendly design 100% made in France, elegant, simple and comfortable, made from recycled foam chips.

Tatamo is a large ultra comfortable square cushion. Dressed in quilted velvet and a leather strap, its padding is made of foam shavings from production chips, thus guaranteeing a circular economy. Available in 5 colors, Tatamo is a chic and practical extra seat that can be placed on the floor in a living room, bedroom or why not climb on a bed!

Tubo is a foam tube which transforms into an original and ergonomic cushion, which can also be knotted, and can be placed everywhere around the body, on a sofa, a bed ... it forms a perfect set with Tatamo in coordinated textils!



    removable floor cushion

    outer cover: Quilted velvet

    inner cover: non woven

    filling: recycled foam shavings

    leather strap

    dimensions: 80 X 80 X 20 cm


    Removable foam cushion

    outer cover: Quilted velvet

    interior: HR foam

    leather straps

    dimensions: length 120 cm X diameter 10 cm



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